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Saturday, 7 February 2015

A question often asked by teachers …How do I help those students who are missing the foundational skills? It starts with a diagnostic inventory pinpoints the gaps in student knowledge and that requires an understanding of the math progressions. Far too many students have been stuck in a vicious cycle of not understanding a concept before they started a new one that builds upon the last one, and the result they fall further behind.
A great place to start building a diagnostic inventory is Jason Zimba’s wiring diagram showing the horizontal and vertical connections between standards.  These charts are based on his graph. 

K-5 Filling the Gaps   Note: Don’t just focus on the “what” (content) , equal attention must be given to the “how” (instruction)!
If you are using NY Engage or Eureka Math, this might be useful information K5 Year At a Glance